Sprat Bay Estates


Located in a private enclave on the northern most part of Water Island, Sprat Bay Estates offers some of the most exclusive, secluded and exquisite home sites in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Current property listings are shown on the 1st three slides or click here to view featured properties in Sprat Bay Estates.

The entire 450 acres of Water Island was leased from the Department of the Interior in 1952 under a Master Lease.  The Master Lease subdivided lots into approximately .75 acre lots which were leased to buyers.  After the termination of the Master Lease in 1993, the Department of the Interior sold the lots to the owners of the subleaseses. 

In the case of Sprat Bay Estates, the entire 152 acre enclave was sold to an incorporated Homeowners Association which simultaneously sold the lots to those who had held the original sublease on their lot.  Currently, about one third of the 152 acres in Sprat Bay Estates are greenspace, leaving 115 acres for residentail properties. There are seventeen homes completed and four are under construction. 

Homeowner's Association dues are about $2,600 per lot per year.  Dues provide for the upkeep of the roads, roadsides, tennis court, beach and maintenance of the common areas.


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Sprat Bay Lot Map


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